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Featured Christmas Anthem: All Because of Jesus

"The Answer to a million prayers was sleeping there, in a manger for His bed..." The beauty and joy of Christmas is All Because of Jesus! Choir members and directors alike, are raving at this exciting piece that exudes the light, joy, and love of Christmas as it moves from the manger to the cross. Available as a female and male duet, or for full choir and orchestra, with or without duet. Excellent for Cantatas or Christmas Eve services.

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Featured Anthem: I Will Go, by Stephen Merrick

Open your congregation's hearts to the calling of the Spirit again, with this perfect reminder of our Great Commission. Perfect for Consecration or Commissioning ceremonies.
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Canon in D with LOVE

Get all you need to perform the must have wedding song of 2018, right here!
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Recording only - $1.00
Performance track (without vocal) - $1.00
Vocal Parts - $6.00
Instrumental Parts, 3 Vlns, Harpsi, Keys - $10.00
Full Package Including all of the above - $15.00
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All digital files will be delivered in less than 24 hrs.
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Music Fundamentals Textbook
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Hymns of the Faith

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This collection of hymns sung by Stephen Merrick, with a beautiful piano and organ accompaniment, has all of the vibrancy and nostalgia of those cherished Sunday mornings, past and present. All verses are included of every timeless hymn. Donate $10 or more and we will match your gift by giving a free copy of the CD to someone in a retirement home, hospital, or hospice.

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