Steve's work with churches and freelance have enabled him to score hundreds of arrangements and orchestrations.  Here are some partial scores of works that he has transcribed and arranged across the years.  There are WAY too many to post, but we will keep adding them as time allows....

Polar Express Suite by Alan Silvestri for Full Orchestra (6 min. exact transcription off of the recording)

Mary's Boy Child, Jesus Christ arr. and orch. by Steve Merrick

Steve is also published at, which is a nationally recognized and distributed worship chart and orchestration company. In order to see his works Click Here

Jazz Piano

Steve started teaching jazz piano during college, but really began his professional career in that realm after returning from Berklee College of Music and The Boston Conservatory of Music with his Masters in Jazz Education.  In 1998, he was hired by Azusa Pacific University and Citrus Community College, to teach jazz piano and class keyboard improvisation.  Many students have gone through his studio in his 13 years at APU, and have later done notable things on their own.  Steve's approach tends to be very practical and logical in comparison with the teachers with whom he studied.  Jazz can be an ethereal world of discovery and mystery, that confuses most students.  Therefore, Steve teaches a concrete foundation of jazz theory, technique, and vocabulary, so that the student doesn't spend years in frustration trying to guess what the teacher knows.  As the student progresses to higher levels, creativity and improvisation in the idiom then abounds.

This is Steve playing and singing Autumn Leaves on solo piano. Click for Autumn Leaves. (By the way, the camera angle is reversed because of photobooth)

Here is an excerpt of Steve's Jazz Trio "BTW" (By The Way) fooling around on Randy Newman's "It's a Jungle Out There". Click for Jungle Out There

This is Steve playing and singing Route 66 Click for Route 66 (By the way, the camera angle is reversed because of photobooth)

This next link shows another trio that Steve works with doing various jazz standards at a club Click for trio excerpts

This is Steve playing A Night in Tunisia on solo piano.Click Here for a Night in Tunisia (By the way, the camera angle is reversed because of photobooth)


Steve has written two textbooks. The first one gives a systematic step by step route to reading and mastering musical concepts, for people with little music theory background.

The second was written as a tutorial for Church Arranging and Orchestration. It focuses on an essential review of some basic Music Theory, and then progresses through practical needs of the craft, including arranging for different size instrumental and vocal ensembles, as well as chart reading and creating.

Recording and Production

Steve started recording and producing in 2003, trying to soak up all he could from friends and colleagues in the music productions business, as well as experimenting on his own.  As he got better, he produced his own album and others' albums, and then branched out to scoring music for promotional videos.  Here are some examples of his work.

Jon Gibson, Storyteller:

So Let It Rain
I'm On a Mission
Ready Gone
Always Have Enough
Your Favorite Song
We Serve a Mighty God

Background music for promotional videos for Concordia University:The following page has 33 active videos that all feature music by Steve Merrick

 Concordia University, Irvine Promotional Videos

Steve's most recent music business recording endeavor includes partnering with in order to bring educational music and apps to smart phones.
Here is one of their first collaborations: 

ABC Song

Film Scoring

There are many things to be done in Film Scoring beyond the actual scoring itself.  But on all levels, your musical "chops" must be good enough to be part of that game.  Steve has assisted world renowned composer and orchestrator Jac Redford, on multiple projects since 2008.  This included wide release films such as Wall.e, Revolutionary Road, Tigger and Pooh and a Musical Too, Avatar, The Karate Kid, The Debt, Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the Second Dimension, For Greater Glory, Day of the Falcon, and The Amazing Spiderman.  In a lot of cases, this meant that Steve would receive rough drafts from James Horner and Thomas Newman, and either input them into music software, or edit midi data so that it was ready to be read by the live orchestral musician in the recording studio.  After Steve does his edits, inputs, and check, he sends it back to Jac for orchestration.  In the case of Tigger and Pooh and a Musical Too, Steve was able to sit in the control room and assist producer Jay Stutler.  Because Steve knew the score so well, and had good enough ears to hear mistakes, he ended up helping to catch errors and help to produce the sound during the live recording.  We can't legally post any excerpts, but check out all of those films on DVD or go to Jac Redford's website to see more of what Jac is up to lately.  Click here

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